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Kurli is a small village in Chikodi Talukaof Belgum District in Karnataka. Kurliis hardly 3 to 4 kilometers away  from  Appachiwadi.  Appachiwadi is a small Wadi that is under Kurli village. The village has got the natural beauty and heavenly calmness.

A brief History

Shree Halsiddhanath Maharajfirst came to Kurli from Chikodi. One needs to cross theChikotrariverto reach Kurli. Shree Maharajsaw Chikotra was flowing fast and deep, full in flood. He looked for a boatman but he was called off the day. So Shree Maharaj decided to stay at Chikhalith at night. Later on the people build the temple of Shree Halsiddhanath near the river because this area is blessed with a holy stay of Shree Maharaj.

In the early morning, Shree Halsiddhanath Maharaj came to the river bank to cross the river but still the boatman was not arrived. Now, he decided to cross the flooded river, and threw his wool blanket that is a Ghongadaon water surface. He sat on the blanket, and with his spiritual power the blanket floated on the water like a boat. Shree Halsidhanath Maharaj crossed the river on the blanket and reached to Kurli. People were very surprised to see this.

Maharaj stayed at Kurli for some days, and then went to Appachiwadi. He chose Appachiwadi as his Karmabhumi (land of destiny)even though that is a very small village. Lush greenery, environment of dark shadows of huge tamarind trees, calmness of green fields, cold and cool water of streams in Appachiwadiattracted Shree Maharaj. He decided to stay there and bless the place with his pious existence. He used to perform penance in the caves at lonely place. The door of such place is so small that one has to bend horizontal to enter into the cave.

Fragrance of his penance, miracles, and blessings spread in the nearby areas so soon that people started approachinghim with real trust and faith.People started respecting and trusting him. He was always referred as an arbitrated in village disputes. He also used to heal the diseases of poor people with his spiritual power of quantum healing. He became godfatherwith his philanthropicalnature cynosure of eyes.] He started curing and caring people with mothers heart, and people also started worshiping him as incarnation of God.


He stayed at Appachiwadi for long time. After completing his divine tasks, he decided to take Mahasamadhi.  He took Sanjeevan smadhi like Saint Dnyaneshwar Maharaj of Alandi. The concept of Sanjeevan Samadhi is still opaque[t2] . Even the great spiritual scholars fail to understand the concept of Sanjeevan Samadhi thoroughly. Those who are having the power, go at this command. Such great personalities disintegrate and return their body, which is made up of five natural elements namely Prithvi (earth), Aap (water), Tej (light-flashes of lightening into it), Vaayu (air), and Aakash (skyuniversal void). This is just like burning camphor, which burns powerfully and finally mixes in the air without maintaining its separate existence than air.


Before His mahasamadhi, one of the great devotees, NippanikarSarkarapproached him with a very strange problem. The Shiv Lingam situated at Jyotibatemple near Kolhapur (Maharashtra), was distracted suddenly from its original place. Indeed, this was not a good sign. People performed poojas, arranged havans, gave offerings, but the Shiv Lingam did not get back to its original position. Finally, the scholars came with the solution that if a holy and righteous king will try, the Lingam could be placed back at its original place.They came to Nippanisarkar, and requested him to do so.

Before shouldering the responsibility, this great devotee of Shree Maharaj went for Maharajs pious glimpses and asked for thepermission to do so.Maharaj smiled and replied that Sarkar would be definitely successful in this mission. But, before leaving, Maharaj asked Sarkar to strictly avoid any kind of honor after achieving the success.Sarkar went to Jyotiba temple and tried to reset the Shi Lingam. And, with the grace of Shree Maharaj, the Jyotiba Shivalingam was reset. This was really a miracle that no one has ever heard or seen. Stunned with the miracle, people lifted Sarkar with an honor, and made him a chief of the procession.Before he realized, people put him in the chariot. Sarkar was now a center of attraction of all the devotees. This happened so suddenly and unknowingly that Sarkarcould not get a chance to say anything or deny this honor.He was not very happy with this honor because this was a kind of disgrace of the order of Shree Maharaj. When the celebration was over, Sarkar immediately went to Appachiwadi. But it was too late. Before Sarkar reach appachiwadi, Maharaj already had taken Samadhiat the destined place. With a great repentance and melancholy Sarkar tried to uncover the smadhi, but the threatening voice came from inside the Samadhi and restricted him to do so.


Currently, the Samadhi is known as Ghumat.  As it was a Bahamani regime, the Samadhi is constructed in a dome shape in a mohammadian style. Both Hindu and Muslim devotees come for the pious glimpses of Samadhi. They offer flowers, galeef (pious cloth), chandan (sandalwood powder ), and burn camphor in front of the Samadhi. In return, the pujaries give bhandara (holy turmeric powder) to the devotees. Ambeel that is a soup made up of nachani or finger millet grainsis offered as a naivedyam to shreeMaharaj. This is the cheapest offering that poor rustic can afford and easily offer to the god. And, sympathetic and kind Maharaj also used to like this offering very much. Nowadays, every devotee who visitsthe Samadhiat Appachiwadigets the ambil as prasadam.

Yatra and Rituals

Every year, on the Ashwini nakshatra there is huge celebration and pilgrimage at Appachiwadi. Laksof pilgrims come to visit this holy place. They perform Pooja, Abhishek, put chandanlep, and participatein the palkhi procession. The procession includes the horses, palanquins, drum-bearers, and lakh of devotees. The palanquin performs a nagarpradakshina that is circumambulation to the village and enters into the court of Shree Maharaj. The court is so huge that thousands of people can stand and sit at a time. The devotees mostly includefarmers and shepherdswho offer their crops and wool to the god in order to achieve good profit in the coming future. The temple gets filled with bhandara, which is symbol of the blessings of Shree Maharaj. The temple filled with bhandara is looked like theKailasmountain covered with the golden sunrays spread over. The atmosphere is filled with the sound with hundreds of huge drums that resemblethe holy sound of Soham of lord Shiva. Mainly the farmers and people come to know the yearly fortune of their crops, politics, weather, and livelihood. These days the courtyard of the temple is full of bullock carts, people, drums, wool, and blankets. Every year there is a huge fair in the temple premises.People come with their families to take glimpses and to sell and purchase good. They come to sale and purchase and sell their cows, bullock, goats, and pets.

The pilgrims and devotees come every year to Appachiwadi. They offer their offerings, pray for their wellbeing, health, peace, and prosperity to Shree Maharaj, and return to come back next year to meet Maharaj.

Now a Days Appachiwadi Kurli became a Thirthsthal in western Maharashtra.


How to Reach Appachiwadi :

Mumbai  Pune Satara  Kolhapur  Kagal  After the RTO Check post, before the Overbridge, you can see the Welcome board of Appachiwadi

Appachiwadi is one of the Village in Chikodi Taluka in Belgaum District in Karnataka State . Appachiwadi is located30.3 km distance from its Town Chikodi . Appachiwadi is 72.7 km far from its District Main City Belgaum . It is 30 km far from KOLHAPUR, It is 8 km far from KAGAL.

Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Kurli(2.6 k.m.),
Appachiwadi Pin Code is 591241

Kurli :
Kurli is situated in Belgaum District , Karnataka .
Kurli Pincode is 591241