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  Bhakata Anubhav
Rajani Khasnis & Rashmi Khasnis,

During 3 consecutive Thursdays of Ashtak Parayan (i.e. for 111 times), I did see Halsiddhanath Maharaj's Foot Print in Bhandara. Even figure of Lord Ganesha appeared 3 times in Bhandara. Figure of "OM" appeared once in Bhandara.

Respected Shri Madhukar Shipurkar came into my dream during Ashtak Parayan stating what food I'm going to prepare for him. Then I offered "Panchkheer" to Halsiddhanth Maharaj in naivedya.

When I visited Appachiwadi First time i.e. on August 12, 2012, I saw Halsiddhnath Maharaj's 108 Changing Forms in Utsav Temple.
Today i.e. on Feb 12, 2014, I saw Halsiddhnath Maharaj's Bhandara Samadhi with the presence of Lord Ganesha behind it into my dream.

Once I was praying to Halsiddhnath Maharaj with closed eyes sitting before His Photo, when I opened my eyes, I saw "Panchpakwanna" served on a grand Banana leaf, which was holding by Halsiddhnath Maharaj with both the hands. I really stunned to see all HIS experiance which is really not explainable.
My Mother saw FORM of Nath Maharaj at our Home Garden. She saw him and disappeared in few minutes. Her cataract surgery was immediately done in 4 Sankalp Amavasya which was really difficult to happen.

My Mother & I are really THANKFUL to Respected Shri. Madhukar Shipurkar, Shri. Pankaj Shipurkar & his family for their guidance & tons of blessings upon us.

Thanks & Rgds,

Rupali Ghodake, Leeds, UK (England)
I remember those days when I was looking for a job in Leeds, UK, inspite of a MBA degree,inspite of work experience I was not able to find a job.As a compromise I took up a temporary job in a totally different field to my qualification & experience.1hr 30min travel time,sometimes less money than my bus fare,no assured hours.I was panicking & was getting really desperate, when one fine day my dear friend Pankaj Shipurkar advised me to follow spiritual chanting from his grandfathers(Shankarmama Shipurkar) book(MadhuSanchay written by his respectable father - Madhukar Shipurkar) and do upasana of GOD Halsiddhanath Maharaj.

Initially I was not sure if I should follow it, but as prayers are anyways a part of my daily routine there was no harm in spending a few more minutes in spiritual chanting. As soon as I started chanting my friend Pankaj told me that I will soon find work near my house & I will make a career in my new field,also I will get very busy.Thanks to Pankaj and his father. I can tell you now ,they were right, I have made career in my new field, I work 5 min away from my house & I am so busy that I can hardly be in touch even with Pankaj.

I chant Halsidhanath Maharajs Ashtak - "payi tuzya mastak he asave" every single day & I am confident that it's going to help me everyday.

Tejsingh & Rupali Ghodke Leeds, UK
Let me first tell you about the miracle happened in my life because of Halsiddhnath Maharaj

The first one was in year 2009 June.

My employer had issued EOA (End of assignment) and it meant that my current work in the UK has finished and I have to report to India office. Depending upon work at offshore my employer would allocate some project/work to me. Situation in India office was worse than in the UK office. Already few of my friends had resigned and few were sacked due to lack of work. So going to India office was definitely not a option, however work at onsite had also completely dried which meant getting work at onsite was also not possible. In addition the type of visa I had did not permit me to change employer meaning whatever happens I need to with the same employer. It was a situation that I did not had any sort of control. What should I do was the question and the answer to it was already limited by the visa type.

I always had faith in supreme God and its power. My friend Pankaj Shipurkar and his father who themself are pure and divine entity advised me to start reading his Grand fathers book (MadhuSanchay Shankarmama Shipurkar Charitra, Halsiddhnath Bhajan and  Gurucharitra 14th adhay. I believe they have supernatural power and can depict foreseeable future.

It was just a miraculous experience!!!

I started reading the said with atmost sincerity and piousness. Just after 10 days I received an email from my employer stating that there was one opening in London which was exact match for my profile. Would you believe it?.
But it did happen. In fact the client in London wanted to replace one of their resource. The resource which had to be replaced was one of the most prolific and he too would had never dreamt of losing his work which he was very good at. In fact my employer was also shocked about this opening which according to everyone was impossible.

I had to prepare for an interview and was given two days to do so. I went to London and whilst travelling to London got very ill had high fever. But I was reciting the above said and attended the interview. It was cracking as I did good in the interview and I was selected.
Whatever happened during this 14 days of reading the said is unbelievable and without any doubt without his (almighty God  Halsiddhanath Maharaj) help it was not possible to get new work it was as if someone found water in the midst of desert.

Satyashil Adnaik, Leeds, UK (England)
I met Pankaj Shipurkar in Jan 2009. His father Madhukar Shipurkar has guided me time to time. He has asked me to come to Appachiwadi whenever I visit India. Just a visit to Appachiwadi in Aug 2009 gave me peace of mind and being blessed by Madhukar Shipurkar (Shipurkar kaka) in person is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I am very happy that shri Halsiddhanath Maharaj gave me the opportunity to be at Appachiwadi and also for bringing Mr Shipurkar in my life.

Vidya Jagdale, Pune
Pankaj Shipurkar is my friend. I come to know about Halsiddhanath Maharaj from Pankaj and his father respected Madhukar Shipurkar. His father and he has predicted about my marriage. He has asked to read his grandfather book Madhusanchay written by his father. His father has given the date and surprisingly my marriage has got fixed on the same date given by him. I am really amazed by Pankaj and  his fathers predictions which actually happened later in my life and I am reading daily the Mantra of his grandfathers book - Bajrang Bajrang Bjah re Mana. Pankaj and his father confidently told me that I would be getting very nice guy and I will be very happy in my married life. Sunil, my husband, is the guy I have got married to and that came true. I am really very happy in my married life and I will ask Pankajs fathers guidance whenever require. I would like to visit Appachiwadi and interested to take a Darshan of Shri Halsiddhanth Maharaj.
Note : The above "Anubhav - Expereince" given in the original wording by the Author without editing anything, published as it is.