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  Shri Halsidhanath
  A river named Dudhaganga was flowing silently. The water was flowing fully; touch the both banks of the river. There was a green pasture around the river up to an area where man’s sight does not reach. The ambience was quite blissful.

Once the silent water stirred & suggesting an arrival of a God’s Minister. A Sadhu in his aimless roaming came near the river & sat under a tree. His spiritual luster & discerning attire arrested the attention of cow-boys who had come there to make the liver stocks graze on the pasture. They went to Sadhu. Looking the Sadhu from close quar they were further more impressed by his hair rolling downwards to his neck. His conspicuous Rudraksha Mala rolling on his chest, a peculiar ‘Kantha’ was tied to his chest back. A zoli was hanging from his left arm which was like a magic-box. From the two miles away from the river there was a small village named as ‘Ghosarwad’. Cow-boys were eagerly going now-a-days with their cattle’s to graze as the Sadhu was giving them whatever they desire from his empty Zoli.

This news reached to Kinglike Sarkar Shri Sidramrao of Ghosarwad. His wife ‘Savitri’ an ardent theist. He had an implicit faith in ‘Theism’ Herring some mystic anecdotes about the Sadhu, She was very eager to take ‘Darshan’ of the Sadhu. Being a queen like women, coming from a respected & honored family, she cannot go out like common lady. She took the permission of husband & went to see the longly cherished Sadhu. On seeing that Sadhu, She was very much impressed by his spiritual luster & his penance, manifested by his look, talk, confidence. Seeing that he gives anything you desire from his empty Zoli. She perceived that all the ‘Siddhis’ were at his behest.
You may ask a question. Who is this ‘Sadhu’ the history goes back ‘Dwapar Yug’. When lord shri Krishna convened a meeting of ‘Nav Narayan’ & asked them to take differently avatars to rejuvenate the Dharma in its largest sense of the term. 

According ‘Chamas Narayan’ had taken Avatar of ‘Revannath’-alias Halsiddhanath in kannad language ‘Hal’ means ‘Dudha’ (Milk). He used to live on milk only. He was styled as Halsiddhanath. The Sadhu who came to ‘Ghosarwad’ was Revannath himself. She was fortunate enough to have the coveted Darshan of Revannath. She requested him to come to the village ‘Ghosarwad’ and stay in her bunglow like house. Perceiving her inner emotions & bhakti, he agreed to her request. Nath maharaj stayed for sometimes and fulfilled the desire of ‘Savitri’. As luck would have it. She had no issue whenever she becomes acutely carves for having a child, Nath maharaj used to become a small child and fulfills her desire. The mundane & perverted people construed the incidence. In a sordid manner. They poisoned the ears of her husband. With the result he, precipitated order of imprisonment. But it was a well neish impossible for his as he was disappearing & appearing somewhere else. His sepoy saw him riding on a horse & running away from the village & reached a small village named “Appachiwadi”.