Amavasya Parampara

30 kms. from Kolhapur to Belgum side, there is one village named "Appachiwadi". Appachiwadi is situated in chikodi Taluka, Belgum District. There is a "Sanjeevan Samadhi" of yogi 'Revannath' incarnation of 'Chamas Narayan. There is small fair on Amavasya since ambiguity. The devotees of the deity gather on that day and express their devotion and imperceptibly request. it to bestow what is laking in their mundane life; "most of the time" it is their experience, their desire is fulfilled.”

Right from the year 1948, the Amavasya started taking a shape. Food to the down trodden and poor people is the pivotal item of serving the deity. That has been started right from 1948 regularly. One Shri Shipurkar Mama, at the behest & desire of the deity, started this valued "Seva". In the beginning, he used to come alone with his Tiffin and sitting before the Samadhi. he used to recited the Guru-Bhajan and eat the Tiffin, sharing with somebody. Gradually, his friends and those who developed a faith in his righteous work, joined him with the result, 15 to 20 persons who used to come to Appachiwadi on Amavasya day used to get food & quench their hunge Dr. Radhakrishnan, Ex. President of India has aptly defined the religion -

the troubled people, looking into Bhandara and applying it to the devotees’ forehead. He used to ask, as prompted by the deity" to come to Appachiwadi at least five Amavasya in consecution. When people are getting the results of what he was telling, they started coming Appachiwadi; without gap. Their faith for the deity becomes more intense. Now "Prasad" started on a larger scale. First of all they wanted a cook to prepare Rice & a sweet liquid (Khir). Automatically one Mr. Kashikar Pandurang met Mama for his work. He was in some Clutches. He vowed that he would come to Appachiwadi on every Amavasya & cook the said food. and by the grace of God, he comes out of chitchats and he observed his word. There was no separate kitchen of one Shri Bhima's Nath the cooking was being done. the building or Math had hardly two rooms - math- being very old was dilapidated stage. As many as more than 12 persons who had respect for Mama's ataractic work & intuition-gathered together & offered their services. They bear the experiences of that Amavasya. the means are as following.

Name of Amavasya Name of person(s)
1. Chaitra Amavasya Shri. Nadgonde, Kamate & Diwan
2. Vaishakha Amavasya Shr. Raja Shukla & Bedasgon
3. Jeshtha Amavasya Shri. Ranga Dastawadkar, Navanyalhar, Shippur Patil
4. Ashadh Amavasya Shri. Raghvendra Mutalik Belgum, Shri. Sunil Kale, Nigadi.
5. Shravan Amavasya Shri. V. N. Kulkarni, Shrimati. Anita Shipurkar and
Madhukar Shipurkar.
6. Bhadrapad Amavasya Amdar Shri Kaka Patil, Nipani.
7. Ashwin Amavasya All Ghosarwadkar.
8. Kartik Amavasya Shri. Shashikant Patil Kardyalkar
9. Margashirsh Amavasya Shri. P. G. Joshi, Uttur. Shri. Darangutti, Kale.
10. Paush Amavasya Shri. Shirguppikar & Sou. Patil, Sou. Dhage and Sou. Chavan.
11. Magha Amavasya Shri. J. V. kuber and Shri Jitendra Patil
12. Phalgun Amavasya Shri. Joshi. Shri Hari Diwan, Ingale and Shakuntala Ravrane.

These devotees are, happily, offering their all out services and enjoy a beautiful and joy.

Saint Tukaram says, "Bhramrup hott ase kirtani kaaya" (While doing 'Kirtan' the mundane body' becomes ethereal" so also when Mama used to tell people counseling them was the most of the times used to come true. The tradition is being continued by his posterity.