Govindpant Dada Ghosarwadkar
  Honorable Govindpant Ghosarwadkar is the keyman of Ghosarwadkar Brahmin clan. As a maller of food his forefathers migrated from Kokatnur of Amani Taluka. Shri Chimanjipant is father of Govindpant. He had another two brothers named ‘Balajipant’ and ‘Shripadpant’. Govindpant’s was different from the others.

Govindpant’s forefathers were steadfast, straight forward & God fearing. All the rituals prescribed for a Brahmin the, were religiously observe. He was hearing a small agitated land which was their source of livelihood. As most of Brahmins of the area were ardent devotees of ‘Narsinha Sarswati” an incarnation Datta Guru, Narsinhawadi was their place which they were  traditionally enshrining. But as luck would have it. Govindpant was handled by ‘Sidoba’- (Revannath) which was a Gram Daivat of Ghosarwad. – as the worshipers of ‘Sidoba’ were shepherds –Brahmins were look down upon.  It as God of Shepherds. Hence Govindpant’s father & Siblings did not like should go to that God & mix with the people of lower strata. Hence Govindpant’s father used to oppose him- but Govindpant was born devotee of Revannath of Revannath – popularly called as Halsiddhanath & used to foretell the things which are going to happen soon.

His life was full of such foretelling the mystre & miracales. Tolife an example, once his father was reading ‘Gurucharitra’ a pious & authentic Granth of Dattatray. All of a sudden a severe pain in his right – leg. Shot unbearably. He was shouting loudly. His son of 8 to 9 years Govindpant with the Sanchar of Halsiddhanath came before him & said to him ‘I have created this pain as you look down upon me as ‘idol of shepherd’. Tell me’ “Shall I stop this immediately or gradually?”. The agonised father beseeched – Please stop it immediately without further lose of time. Cannol tolerate it”. The boy Govindpant went near fire pan & took some hot fired substance and came near his father. He took over his hands having fired substance from thigh & to the toe. Once & asked his father whether the pain is subsided or not.

Further he asked his father throwing his both the handsin which he had taken the fired substance opened & stretched whether his son’s hands are burnt? Many a times, such miracles started happening in the house. Hence his father & omen could not help believing Halsiddhanath as an incarnation of some one of the Navnaths. Govindpant became a ple of guidance & righteousness not for his can & sibling but unerring guide for the whole village. He is the person who first opened he new vesta of Nathleela to Brahmin community before which no Brahmin had a faith in Halsiddhanath. He was “Anshavatari of Revannath”.

Govindpant dada was born n 1857 & left his mundane body on 5th June, 1943.his life of 85 years was full of miraculous events., guiding the needy & be wilder common persons to make their lives cheerful. He gave food to hungry, water to thirsty, cheered the dismaged, delivered the oppresses & gave hope & courage to hem who were out of heart. His thrilling biography overwhelmed by grace of Almighty is worth repeated reading.