Shankar Mama Shipurkar

Shipurkar Mama

Govindpantdada Ghosarwadkar an incarnation of Revan-nath had three sons and three daughters. Once in his a wave of Sanchar, He called the father of three sons. That is, his own father Chimajipant and announced that the rope of the first cradle is alright; “the rope of third cradle is also alright but the rope of the middle cradle is cut”.

Govindpant Dada had two brothers one Balajipant and the youngest Shripadpant. As luck could have it Balajipant, the middle one had no issue. His heritage stood cut.

Govindpant had also three sons. The eldest was Vyankatesh. (Baburao) the second – Shankarrao and the third and last one was Apparao.

Shankarrao the middle one was given in adoption to its paternal aunt Ambabai Alias Gangabai In year 1933. Ambabai got married at her age 9 years. She was given to Shipurkar. A kulkarni of Shipur of Hukker, Taluka dist Belgum, Karnataka State but unfortunately, she was widowed within a six months time from her marriage. She, therefore, remained with his brother. Govindpant and helped him physically, mentally and at times economically to boost and manifest his divine power and sordid life also.

The in-laws of Ambabai did not accept her. They did not like that she had taken her brother’s son in adoption with the result all her properly was swallowed & confiscated. They filed a suit against Ambabai, alleging her that she has taken a son in adoption of a different Gota. Hence it is illegal when Shankarrao was given in adoption in 1933, he had neither a claim on Janak property nor he had any properly on which he can run his livelihood. The property was in the custody of ward of court.

The plight of Shankarrao was worsening day by day. Naturally, his father was compassionate about him. Some couple of hours before his studied death, he called Shankarrao & like an apostle & all divine power at his command told Shankar that he is definitely, winning his case in the Supreme Court but this is going to happen by dint of Shri Halsiddhanath Maharaj’s desire, you have to go to Appachiwadi on every ‘Amavasya’ after the case is won. Shankarrao agreed it & promised that he would do like that only”.

He conquered the case in year 1946. Govindpant has told a year earlier, breathed his last in the year 1943. (5-6-1943) Shankarrao took the possession of fifty acres of land of Shipur & Arjuni. He took two years to establish himself & for keeping the new management on proper keel. During this period, he didn’t go to Appachiwadi on Amavasya; but when he was to face the holocaust as a result the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, he boiled down to earth & went to Karikol. Siddhapurhatti as to why he is confronted with this. The forlorm & piteous Shankarrao, surrendered to Halsiddhanath, was praying God from bottom of his heart & requested to show a way ahead one of Pujaris named Devkute, who was working in his farm was prompted to come to the temple which he did running. The moment he came in the temple he had a massive Sanchar when he was sitting in the temple, called “Shankarrao” by his name even having no acquaintance & interrogated him whether as per the promise to his father did he go to appachiwadi on every Amavasya or not. When Shankarrao confessed that he did not go & repented his failure the person having “Sanchar” asked him to go Kagal.

Shankarrao’s sister in law Mrs. Saraswati Gokak was at kagal. She invited him to come to kagal till the whole situation is streamlined as before He came to Kagal along with his entire family & started going Appaichiwadi an every Amavasya day. Thus started the Amavasya at the behest & command at Halsiddhanath Maharaj Himself.

When he settled at Kagal, Shankarao’ sister daughter was given in “Nadgonde” family who were very famous & renowned. They were also suffering from the holocaust of Mahatma Gandhi’s Assassination. As the time rolled away, the ‘Nadgonde’ Family’s rapport had become thicker & thicker. Shri V.G.Nadgonde’s wife was niece of shankarrao – So he used to call him ‘mama’ & his name was popularity known as “Shipurkar mama”