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  ‘Karikol’ is a small hamlet is situated in Tikota Taluka of Bijapur district. It is also called as “Siddhapur-hatti”
‘Karikol’ people originally come from the village ‘Ghosarwad’.

In year 1875-76 in the area of ‘Ghosarwad’, there was a sever famine. There was no suffient food to eat & water to drink for men. No suffient a grass for the cattle to graze. There was lamentable dearth of water on the Earth. Resultantly some people were compelled to leave the village & go somewhere else where they can manage to meet the both ends. Latthe, Kamate, Khot & Bastavade clans from ‘Ghosarwad’ decided to leave the village. & go somewhere else to earn their livelihood.

Naturally, before going they gathered in the temple of Halsiddhanath of Ghosarwad just too far with their heartily enshrined deity Halsiddhanath. Their eyes were continuously streaming out. They were, they thought, going away from their deity. Parting is always painful & piercing. The parting of a beloved God is still more painful. Perceiving this overwhelming emotional feelings of the devotees, godliness manifested itself in the form a mediator. The manifestation is called “Sanchar”

In the local jargon. God, through the mediator, promised that He will follow them and order them to stay where ‘He’ wants them to stay.

People became tensionless on getting the promise from the deity. They mustered some courage & got their passion & grief lessened.

They started walking in the direction their sub-conscious minds prompted them. They ultimately reached a plateau a place where there was big “Kari’ tree. It was a place in Tikota Taluka under the governance of “kurundwad” regime. Nath ordered them to stay there. Honoring the order, they started living there.

One fine morning, the deity instructed the devotees to dig out a varul. A place where a heap of mud is collected following the instructions. They dug the varul and they found a lustrous idol of Halsiddhanath. Maharaj then unfolded himself in human body & chose one shri Lingappa Pujari & ordered him to make daily worship of the idol. Till this date the tradition is being continued by their heivs & posterity.

Lot of time rolled away, Govindpant Ghosarwadkar, the a postal of Halsiddhanath who enunciated & initiated ‘Bhakti’ in Ghosarwadkar’s clan & Siblings had his son- in laws father (Dabhalpurkar) as a mamal dar of Tikota Taluka. His wife was an ardent devotee of Halsiddhanath. She had determined to take ‘Darshan’ of Halsiddhanath of Siddhanpurhatti daily before lunch. A legend in the respect is popularly told.

Once her husband & Patil of Tikota were playing chess like game. It was dead afternoon, but they did not conclude their game. Those days were sum days and the distance from Tikota was more than 3 kms. The passage was sandy. Hence walking on the way was difficult & giving a burning sensation. All of a sudden she saw the same Patil. Coming towards her with a horse & beseeching her to ride on the same. But she humbly, refused as her practice was of going on foot to her Siddhapurhatti. Anyhow with a great difficulty, she reached & prostrated before her beloved Halsiddhanath. While coming back, she accorded to the request of ‘Patil’ & rode on the horse. When they came near her house, she alighted from the horse. When Patil told her that he will take the horse to the stable & come to her house. She went home & to her utter surprise, saw the ‘Patil’ is playing chess with her husband. ‘When have you come?’ she exclaimed. Looking to her in a be wilder, “I am”, he said, “here only since morning. “Who was he who brought me here on a horse” she asked herself. When she perceived, it was nobody else than “Nath Maharaj” who, is disguise of Patil, must have come to her rescue. She started again streaming profusely & she was overwhelmed by the profound & deep gratitude.

Shri Dabhalapurkar erected a temple of Halsiddhanath. The present temple is his manifestation of his uncritical credulousness.
  How to reach Karikol ?

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